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Hope Strict Baptist Chapel,

Mill Lane,




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Car Parking

Hope Chapel has car parking for approximately 8 cars on the gravel area to the right of the chapel, adjacent to the gents' toilet block.   Additional parking is available on both Mill Lane and Queen Street outside the front of the chapel.

Wheelchair Access

The chapel has step-free access via a ramp outside the rear door for use by wheelchair users or those with limited mobility.   There is also a drop-off point  immediately adjacent to the ramp to minimise any walking distance.

There is a seating space at the front-right of the chapel which will accommodate a wheelchair or a pushchair as required.


There are separate gents and ladies toilet facilities available.  The lady's toilet is accessed from inside the rear lobby area, via the rear door of the chapel from the car park, and is 2nd door on the left.  The gents toilets are located outside the chapel, accessible from the car park.

Audio Loop System

A hearing loop (sometimes called an audio induction loop) is installed within the main chapel, for use by people with compatible hearing aids.  This audio system provides an amplified wireless signal when hearing aids are set to the 'T' (Telecoil) setting.

Audio Relay

Services are relayed through to speakers in both the downstairs and upstairs vestries.  Visitors with young children are more than welcome to use either vestry or in the event of feeling unwell

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